New ABA Books on Experts, E-Discovery, E-Evidence

Attacking Adverse Experts

Stephen D. Easton

“The is a step-by-step guide to investigating, evaluating, and attacking the adverse expert in civil cases. It outlines tactics you can use to gather information about the adverse expert, both in the discovery process and on your own to: take an effective expert deposition; evaluate the adverse expert’s analysis of the key issues; move to exclude his testimony; cross-examine him effectively when he testifies at trial; handle voir dire, opening statement, closing argument, and even to successfully handle appeals regarding experts. Includes CD-ROM of time-saving checklists and citations to dozens of critical rules, statutes, cases, and other law.”

Product Code: 5310378 Regular Price: $165.00 LT Section Member Price: $135.00 ©2008 6 x 9 – paper 792 pages
E-Discovery: Twenty Questions and Answers

John M. Barkett
“E-discovery has shaken up litigation across America. Judges are dealing with e-discovery issues unheard of ten years ago. The case law is developing in a number of areas and conflicting decisions are not unusual. This concise book examines recurring issues in the area of e-discovery in an accessible question and answer format. It offers insight into the thorny issues and references specific cases to make your research quicker and easier. It provides much-needed clarity on the issues that you see again and again in e-discovery.”

Product Code: 5310377 Regular Price: $69.95 LT Section Member Price: $54.95 ©2008 6 x 9 – Paper 133 pages

Electronic Evidence: Law and Practice, Second Edition

Paul R. Rice
“This new edition explores the range of problems encountered with electronic communications from discovery to trial, and offers practical solutions to both existing and potential problems. It examines (1) the new discovery rules and how they relate to past practices, and (2) fundamental evidentiary issues governing the admissibility of electronic evidence. Particular emphasis is given to the unique problems evolving around the way in which parties are asserting the attorney-client privilege and judges are applying it to e-mail communications.”

Product Code: 5310375 Regular Price: $125.00 LT SectionMember Price: $95.00 ©2008 6 x 9 – paper 510 pages

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