Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO): Strategic Plan 2009-2014

The Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), the New York State reference and research library resource system serving New York City and its metropolitan area, has just released its Strategic Plan 2009-2014. This stragetic plan which was developed through a broad consultative and inclusive process (including input from law libraries), addresses the needs of its member libraries, the demands of a changing library/information world, and the course METRO should take. As for disclosure, I participated in the planning and development of this Stragetic Plan as a member of the METRO Professional Planning Group. In the past I have also served as a member of the Board of Directors of METRO.

In view of the importance and urgency of issues addressed I am posting the entire Strategic Plan here with the hope that it will be distributed widely among libraries, their parent organizations, and other organizations concerned about libraries and librarianship. We would also appreciate comments.

David Badertscher

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