Library of Congress Officials Accused by Senator of Interference

According to Ed O’Keefe in a June 5, 2009 Washington Post article, “Library Officials Accused of Interference”, Senator Charles E. Grassley has written a sharply worded letter to the Librarian of Congress , James H. Billington, stating “…Your office attempts to influence and/or control [the Office of Inspector General] appear to be in direct contravention of the principles underlying the creation of the Inspector General”. The article explains that the question is whether top officials at the Library of Congress interfered with investigations conducted by its “independent watchdogs” such as the Office of the Inspector General and whether they have admonished investigators for the tone and focus of their investigations.

For additional information on this topic see our April 30, 2009 posting on this blog which provides additional information and a link to the Marhc 2009 report of the Office of the Inspector General regarding information technology planning at the Library of Congress: Information Technology Strategic Planning: A Well Developed Framework is Essential to Support the Library’s Current and Future Infortation Technology (IT) Needs , Report Number 2008-PA-105 March 2008.

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