Law Library Journal 99, No. 4 Fall 2007

Table of Contents:


General Articles
Legal Information, the Informed Citizen, and the FDLP: The Role of Academic Law Librarians in Promoting Democracy [2007-44]
Tammy R. Pettinato
The Queen of Chula Vista: Stories of Self-Represented Litigants and a Call for Using Cognitive Linguistics to Work with Them [2007-45]
Charles R. Dyer
Candy, Points, and Highlighters: Why Librarians, Not Vendors, Should Teach CALR to First-Year Students [2007-46]
Shawn G. Nevers
Interdisciplinary Legal Scholarship: What Can We Learn from Princeton’s Long-standing Tradition? [2007-47]
David A. Hollander
Servant Leadership: A New Model for Law Library Leaders [2007-48]
Filippa Marullo Anzalone
Serendipity in the Stacks, Fortuity in the Archives [2007-49]
Michael H. Hoeflich
Review Articles
Keeping Up with New Legal Titles [2007-50]
Amy Atchison, Laura Cadra
Regular Features
Practicing Reference…The Pajama Way of Research [2007-51]
Mary Whisner
Managing by the Book…Perfecting Negotiation Techniques [2007-52]
Jean M. Holcomb
Technology for Everyone…Tools for Creating Video Tutorials [2007-53]
Diane Murley
2007 Business Proceedings-100th Annual Meeting [2007-54]

2007 Members’ Open Forum-100th Annual Meeting [2007-55]

2007-2008 Officers, Committees, Chapter Presidents, Special Interest Section Chairs, Representatives, and Executive Staff [2007-56]

Memorial: Viola A. Bird [2007-57]
Penny A. Hazelton
Memorial: Maurice D. Leon [2007-58]
Sue L. Center
From the Editor: Endnote [2007-59]
Frank G. Houdek
Volume 99: Author and Title Index [2007-60]

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