Law and Policy: Call for Papers

Special Issue: Global Warming, Governance, and the Law

Fiona Haines, Nancy Reichman, and Colin Scott, as editors of Law & Policy, are bringing together a series of papers on the legal and policy issues around global warming. We are interested in papers in all areas of law and policy related to climate change from any relevant academic discipline including:

Global warming and redress through the civil law

Measures for redress for vulnerable island nations: Is there a role for naming, shaming and blaming?

Reducing emissions: the role of non-governmental actors and the private sector
The politics of the name: global warming vs. climate change

Comparative analyses of policy measures both within the industrialized world, but also within the industrializing regions of Central and South America and Asia

Moral persuasion and the global warming debate: Is there traction beyond economic interest?

Playing the politics of uncertainty: Do policy arena and place make a difference?

Global environmental governance/leadership and global warming: Is the call for global governance the likely way forward?

Dealing in reality: policies and challenges in responding to climate change and its affect on local populations

The list above is not exhaustive and we welcome papers and ideas from other areas of relevance. Our goal is to disseminate scholarship of the highest academic standard that can shed light on the multiple legal and policy challenges and opportunities posed by both the human impact on climate change and the growing need to respond to changes in climate being felt across the globe. Our aim is to showcase work that sheds critical insight on policy approaches that can bring together disparate actors at a range of levels (international, national, and local) while also providing the possibility for significant and swift improvements at the local level. We welcome scholarship from both specialists and non-specialists in the area of climate change.

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