Implementing Knowledge Management: Key Planning Considerations

BY Brett Haywrd, Vice President of Professional Services for the Americas, InQuira

Today’s consumers expect fast and convenient online self-service, and they demand knowledgeable, responsive support from contact center agents-anything less and today’s consumers are perfectly willing to take their business elsewhere.

An organization’s knowledge management (KM) capabilities are front and center in almost every customer interaction, and so have a direct impact on how customers experience and regard the organization. As vital as the exercise of implementing KM is, it is also as challenging, particularly in large, global enterprises. Planning for these large-scale implementations can set the stage for success-or, if done incorrectly, set a company up for a huge waste of time and money.

This white paper offers a discussion of the three critical questions every project lead should answer before embarking upon a knowledge management implementation. First, the author outlines the merits of three different implementation models. Then he explores the critical issue of content acquisition, which can drive up both the cost and duration of a KM implementation when done incorrectly. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he examines the vital role user experience needs to play in planning a KM implementation.

Written by a professional services executive who has managed dozens of KM implementations at some of the largest companies in the world, this paper equips IT managers and project leads with a wealth of practical, proven insights into planning for large-scale KM initiatives.

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