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Illegal Sex Discrimination or Permissible Customer Preference? Refusal to Hire and Employ Male Gynecologists:

A Legal Research Guide
“This new publication from Hein is the latest title in the Legal Research Guide Series. Professor Amy Stein provides researchers with a starting point to help determine when the occupational qualification exception may be evoked and under what circumstances it may be defeated. This guide provides the user with citations to and summaries of the leading primary and secondary materials needed to research this topic thoroughly.”

Who’s Who in Public International Law 2007
“This title, published by Crestwall Limited, is an indispensable reference work for libraries, law courts, law firms and law schools worldwide. This unique title contains more than 600 entries focusing on public international figures, including lawyers, judges, arbitrators, counsel, academics, legal advisers and members of international legislative and supervisory bodies. Take advantage of a 10% discount when you purchase this title before May 1st. Hurry and order your copy today to save! ”

Comparative Law:
Law, Reality and Society
“This book, published by Vandeplas Publishing, is not your conventional book on comparative law. Rules, particular and general, are examined to explain why they are as they are, and how they came to be. Chapters range from grand legislation to unrecognized law in action and daily life.”

Digital Evidence in the Courtroom:
A Guide for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors
“This reprint is the 27th installment in the Hein Electronic Document Reprint Series. To help navigate the difficult process of integrating digital evidence in the courtroom, the National Institute of Justice’s technical working group of national experts prepared this special report. Chapters discuss legal requirements for the handling of digital evidence and provide guidelines for successful prosecution. The final chapter is a working application, using digital evidence to convict in a child pornography case.”

Federal Courts Law Review

“Hein is pleased to announce that we have obtained the multi-media rights to this law review. The Federal Courts Law Review is now both a print and electronic product dedicated to legal scholarship relating to federal courts. Articles are contributed by scholars, judges and distinguished practitioners. The editorial board uniquely combines the insight of the federal judiciary with the perspective of law school academics.” .

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