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Effective Strategies for Litigators

Convincing the Judge: Practical Advice for Litigators

by Cecil C. Kuhne III

Learn what judges like and do not like and how to deal with the judge throughout the entire litigation process. This book distills the advice of judges to practitioners appearing in their courtrooms and provides practical advice on case management, all phases of trial, and appeals. It also explains the judicial role and suggests tips for dealing with a difficult judge. Each chapter includes valuable practice tips and specific examples for enhancing your litigation skills.

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Regular Price: $84.95/GP Solo Section Member Price: $68.95 © June 2008 6×9 – Paperback 187 pages, Paperback
A Litigator’s Guide to Expert Witnesses
by Cecil C. Kuhne III

Whether you are an experienced litigator or just starting your practice, you won’t want to head to court or to a deposition without this book.

The admission of expert witness testimony remains one of the most contentious, critical, and interesting aspects of the modern-day litigation process. This book examines the role of the expert witness, focusing on taking depositions, expert qualifications, admissibility of testimony, attorney-client privilege, Daubert, rules of discovery and evidence, selecting and presenting experts, and direct examination of experts. It covers:

An overview of expert testimony
The legal framework
Supreme Court Decisions
Rules of discovery
Rules of evidence
Selecting experts
Presenting experts
Objecting to experts
Deposition of experts
Direct examination of experts
Cross-examination of experts
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Regular Price: $84.95/GP Solo Section Member Price: $68.95 © Nov 2006 6 x 9 – 300 pages, Paperback

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