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Dahl’s Law Dictionary: French-English
Third Edition
By: Henry Saint Dahl & Tamera Boudreau
“The newest edition of this exceptional tool for legal professionals is now available! Dahl’s Law Dictionary links two separate languages and two diverse legal systems, assuring that attorneys never use the wrong name or term. The third edition of this annotated legal dictionary provides words and phrases in English with the French translation and, in French with the English equivalent.”

Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
By: William H. Manz

“In order to expand the scope of free trade beyond NAFTA, the Bush Administration has concluded several NAFTA-like bilateral free trade agreements with nations outside North America and is currently negotiating several others. Hein’s 11-volume compilation contains the final acts, congressional debates, reports, hearings, and related materials for free trade agreements with Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, Singapore, Chile, and many more.”

Introduction to Design for Law and Other Academic Libraries:
Reflection and Change Second Edition By: Stephen G. Margeton

“This new edition from Hein contains 29 chapters and eight appendices devoted to the construction and redesign of libraries. The author covers everything from needs assessment; design development; construction documents; mechanical, electrical and acoustical needs; to furniture, displays and exhibits.”

Federal Income Taxation of Business Enterprises Cases, Statutes, Rulings
By: Richard Westin & Richard Beck

“This new Vandeplas publication covers the basics of the federal income taxation of partnerships and corporations, including the taxation of LLCs, LLPs and S corporations. In addition, it includes a short list of other business enterprises. It is designed to be taught as two major components: partnerships and corporations.”

Law on Product Quality Control and Product Liability in China By: Jiansheng Li

“This is the first English-language text to introduce and discuss the laws, regulations and cases in China concerning product quality control and product liability. Jiansheng Li provides a comprehensive introduction to the legal system of the People’s Republic of China regarding product quality control and product liability, including its historical evolution and current status.”
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