December 2007 Content Release of HeinOnline

December 2007 Content Release

The December 2007 content release added 1.4 million pages of legal information to our collections, bringing the total number of pages in HeinOnline to more than 33 million. Below are descriptions of the more prominent content that was released.

Law Journal Library

Trends in Law Library Management and Technology
The article Collecting and Sharing at the Maryland State Law Library was published in Trends this December. It discusses the two primary tasks that libraries perform; collecting and preserving information and then sharing that information with users. In the last two years the Maryland State Law Library has used these roles as its strategic guide. With an eye towards technology, the Library has undertaken physical and digital preservation initiatives and the collection of new material. It has also launched new services to enhance public access to the collection, especially by off-site users. A description of these initiatives and services is included in the above Trends article.

U.S. Congressional Documents Collection &
U.S. Federal Agency Library U.S. Congressional Documents Collection
This collection continued to expand last month with the inclusion of two distinguished sets and a historic journal. Also, eleven additional years were added to the Congressional Record Bound, and the years 1994-2002 were added to the Congressional Record Daily.

Journal of William Maclay United States Senator from Pennsylvania, 1789 to 1791
This journal gives a graphic description of the debates, ceremonies, and social life of that important period of our national history.

Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution; Being the Letters of Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane, John Adams … Concerning the Foreign Relations of the United States During the Whole Revolution; Together with the Letters in Reply… .

Both the first edition, a 12-volume set published in 1818, and the second edition, a 6-volume set published in 1857, were added to the U.S. Congressional Documents Collection. These sets contain the correspondence between the old Congress and the American agents, commissioners, and ministers in foreign countries during the American Revolution.

U.S. Federal Agency Library
The first section of the newest HeinOnline library is now available. This library contains the official case law of some of the United States’ most important government institutions. The initial release included titles such as Administrative Decisions under Immigration and National Laws, Reports of the Tax Courts of the U.S., SEC Decisions, and many more. For a list of all titles contained in the first release or for pricing information, please email us at

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