Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Information Regarding Increased Enforcement by the IRS

This posting relates to Congressional Budget Office (CBO) correspondence dated August 25, 2022, in which the CBO answers several questions from Congressmen Kevin Brady and Jason Smith about increased enforcement by the Internal Revenue Service.

It includes a brief summary of the correspondence, a direct link to the letter addressed to Congressmen Brady and Smith, and a CBO Report providing  additional background material.


This letter provides additional information about the basis for CBO’s analysis and answers several questions that Congressmen Kevin Brady and Jason Smith asked. CBO will publish an updated cost estimate for the entire 2022 reconciliation act in the first week of September and is providing this information about the IRS’s enforcement now in response to interest expressed by Congressmen Brady and Smith and other Members.”


CBO Report: Trends in the Internal Revenue Service’s Funding and Enforcement. July 8, 2020.

Following our recent posting about the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, we have received indications of high interest in matters related to increased enforcement by the IRS and have followed up with additional research. We have found the information included in this correspondence and supplementary material both interesting and enlightening, and hope you will also.

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