ABA Publications: Focus on Criminal Law

Street Legal: A Guide to Pre-trial Criminal Procedure for Police, Prosecutors, and Defenders
This book provides specific guidance on pre-trial criminal procedure of all sorts, and explains in understandable terms “what you can do and what you cannot do” under 4th Amendment search and seizure law. From traffic checkpoints and forceful felony arrest, from Miranda warnings to inmate and cell searches, it is all covered in this concise reference. Search warrants, electronic surveillance, and use of canine search and seizure are also covered in great detail.

The Criminal Lawyer’s Job: A Survival Guide
Written from the trenches by a practitioner with over 100 trials under her belt and who received “not guilty” verdicts in cases involving murder, rape, sex crimes, drugs and DUI, among others. This guide will give you valuable “how to” advice for taking the initial client meeting to picking a jury and trying the case. It is not intended to be a summary of the law, but rather a cheat sheet. It is a guide that most senior criminal defense attorneys likely wish they had when they tried their first few cases.

Mental Disability Law, Evidence and Testimony

This Reference Manual will guide lawyers, judges, law students, and forensic and other mental disability professionals through the maze of civil and criminal laws, standards, and evidentiary pitfalls, and forensic practices that characterize this area of the law. Moreover, it summarizes what empirical evidence exists to support or raise concerns about these legal standards and forensic practices when they are introduced in the courtroom.

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