ABA Publication: Global Climate Change and the U.S. Law

Global Climate Change and U.S. Law Michael B. Gerrard, editor
“This is a spectacular book. Offering both impressive breadth and depth in its description and analysis, Global Climate Change and U.S. Law provides the legal community with an extraordinarily useful tool for understanding the wide ranging ways that current and quickly emerging laws address what promises to be the nation’s greatest environmental challenge. Wholly accessible to those not themselves expert in environmental law, any lawyer or policymaker seriously interested in the global climate change should have a copy.”

Richard Lazarus Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
As seen in recent Supreme Court decisions, the law is playing a major role in the issue of climate change. Global Climate Change and U.S. Law, published by the ABA Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, is a comprehensive and current resource on the state of U.S. law as it relates to global climate change from current U.S. policy to the impact of the Kyoto Protocol to actions taken by the federal, state, and local governments as well as by corporate entities. Because legal developments in this area are occurring at considerable speed, an accompanying Web site to Global Climate Change and U.S. Law will keep readers informed of the latest information.

Written by many of the country’s leading environmental lawyers and scholars, Global Climate Change and U.S. Law begins with a summary of the factual and scientific background of global climate change. The book is then divided into four discrete segments:

— Part I outlines the international and national legal framework of climate change regulation and associated litigation.
— Part II describes emerging regional, state and local actions, and includes a 50-state survey.
— Part III covers issues of concern to corporations, including disclosure, fiduciary duties, insurance, and subsidies.
— Part IV examines the legal aspects of efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, such as voluntary efforts, emissions trading, and carbon sequestration.

Global Climate Change and U.S. Law includes a glossary of climate related terms; list of acronyms; extensive endnotes; and comprehensive index.

784 pages, 7 x 10, paperback ISBN: 978-1-59031-816-4

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