ABA Publication Announcement: The Electronic Evidence and Discovery – Forms, Checklists and Guidelines

By Sharon D. Nelson, Bruce A. Olson, and John W. Simek
E-Discovery and the use of electronic evidence has increased dramatically over the past few years, but many lawyers still struggle with the complexities of dealing with electronic information. This comprehensive book provides lawyers with the templates they need to develop an effective E-Discovery strategy, and to frame appropriate E-Discovery requests. In addition to the ready-made forms, the authors also supply helpful information and commentary to bring you rapidly up to speed in the electronic discovery field. This title has been drafted in accordance with the new Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure so you can be assured it’s up to date. The accompanying CD-ROM features over 70 forms in Word format including…

Interrogatories – Basic to Advanced

Requests for Production -Basic to Advanced

Deposition Checklists

Sample Rule 30(b)6 Subpoena with E-Discovery Duces Tecum

Sample Motions to Compel

Sample Motions for Protective Orders

Sample Motions for Spoliation Sanctions

Electronic Evidence Protocol Agreements

Preservation and Spoliation Letters

And much more!

Also included is an extensive electronic evidence case digest with over 200 cases summarized! Written with a view toward simplifying the complexities of computer forensics, this is an essential resource for anyone who deals with electronic evidence and discovery.

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7 X 10, 768 Pages Paperback with CD-Rom
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