ABA Petition for Justice in Pakistan

We received the following letter from William H. Neukom President of the American Bar Association on December 3, 2007 and are forwarding it for your consideration:

Dear Fellow Lawyer,

Each day, evidence mounts that pressure brought by Americans and people of other nations is forcing Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf to soften his assault on the rule of law. But he has failed to address some of his most destructive actions.

On Dec. 13, I will present a petition signed by concerned lawyers and judges to Pakistan’s Ambassador in Washington, D.C. I ask you to add your name to that petition at http://www.abavideonews.org/ABA495/sign.php.

In recent weeks, America’s lawyers and judges have responded in extraordinary ways to support their colleagues in Pakistan. If you do nothing else, sign this petition. But I also ask you to take one additional step.

Please send this petition to friends and colleagues, with your own thoughts about why the rule of law matters.

I urge you not to look aside, as if standing up for the rule of law is somebody else’s job. Add your name, be seen and be counted.

When I meet with Pakistan’s embassy on Dec. 13, I will carry your voices. Speaking together, the lawyers and judges of America will be heard.


William H. Neukom

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