ABA: Judges’ Journal Winter 2009 Issue

A Quarterly of the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association Winter 2009. Volume 48 No. 1
Each issue of this journal contains featured articles and standing columns all of which relate in some way to a broad theme selected for that particular issue. The theme selected for this particular issue Winter 2009 is “The Art of Judging in the 21st Century”. As Judge Sophia H. Hall observes in the Forword, “Judges of the twenty-first century must be ready to learn everything , in the words of H.G. Wells, ‘Adapt or perish, now as ever, is Nature’s inexorable imperative’ “.

The Feature articles in this issue are:

In the Pursuit of Justice: Reflections on Changes in the Judicial Role after Three Decades as a State Court Judge BY Judge Sophia H. Hall “In my thirty years on the bench I have learned that we must examine ourselves for bias so that we can act to head off charges of unfairness. We just be collaborative, bringing in those with specialized expertise to help make courts more effective. In doing so, we do justice”

An Interview With Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye BY Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodman “With this issue, The Judges’ Journal introduces a new, regularly occuring feature: an interview with an outstanding member of the judiciary. We are honored to inaugerate our new feature by interviewing New York State’s chief judge, who, after twenty-five years, is bringing her illustrious judicial career to a close.”

Practical Tips for New Judges Making the Transition to the Bench BY Judge Douglas S. Lavine.
“…You are presented with a rare opportunity to serve your community. However, it will take time to adjust to your new status. You will be held to higher, more exacting standards. You will find your own path–but here are some practical suggestions to help you along the way.”

NeuroScience and the Law: Cutting-Edge Issues for 21st Century Judges as Gatekeepers BY Judge Stephanie Domitrovich and Dr. Mara L. Merlino.
“Newroscience promises to unlock the contents of the three-pound organ we call the brain. Has that promise been julfilled? Judges must increasingly be empowered to seek expert advice and training to help them understand the science in the ‘laboratories’ of their courtrooms.”

Fairness and Public Confidence in Sentencing: A Novel Approach BY Stephen A. Gerst.

A Jury Reform Plot Project: The Michigan Experience BY Judge William J. Caprathe.
“A trial judge who volunteered to participate in a jury reform pilot project describes the project’s most innovative measures, explains how they support meaningful juror participation, and concludes that such reform efforts can help preserve the right to a jury trial.”

A Black Robe and Healing Words: Constants in a Changing World BY Sallie Thieme Sanford.

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