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Virtual Law: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Virtual Worlds
By Benjamin Tyson Duranske
This book is an introduction to the emerging and intriguing world of virtual law. It examines current cases and legislation impacting virtual world providers and users, and makes predictions about the future application of current law. It addresses the application of intellectual property law (copyright, trademark, and patent), criminal law, property law, contract law, securities law, tax law, and civil procedure. The author provides clear and practical advice on how to create a virtual world presence for your practice or for your clients with virtual world connections. The book also includes extensive appendices listing in-world and web-based resources for practitioners and legal scholars.

Science for Lawyers

Edited By Eric Y. Drogin J.D., Ph.D.
Science for Lawyers clearly explains and discusses 13 applied scientific disciplines in jargon-free language that is specifically geared toward lawyers. The book explores the definitions (what is science), the practice (what scientists do) and the professional roles (what ethical guidelines influence scientists) of 13 professional disciplines.

With dozens of photos, figures, graphics and artwork, this book is not only easy to understand, but fascinating to read. If you are a lawyer who is ever called upon to defend, proceed against, examine, cross-examine or even consult a scientist, this book is for you.

e-Discovery: Current Trends and Cases

By Ralph C. Losey
From the basics of e-discovery, to chapters on metadata, ESI, ethical standards, and the new federal rules of civil procedure, readers of all levels of expertise will find useful information. This book includes in-depth, authoritative legal analysis and practical advice, not only explaining the legal issues, but also the technologies behind the issues. It is also the first book on e-discovery to include the opinions and analysis of many leading experts in the field, not just those of the author.


The Little Green Book of Golf Law:
The Real Rules of the Game of Golf
John H. Minan
Author and Professor of Law, John Minan, has selected a total of nineteen cases to correspond to the typical eighteen holes played in a round of golf, plus one for the traditional nineteenth hole. Each chapter examines a different set of facts and involves an actual case involving golf.

The chapters explore a wide array of legal issues –Tiger Woods’ right of publicity, personal injury claims for negligence and products liability, contract disputes involving hole-in-one contests and golf cart rentals, a forfeiture claim under the Endangered Species Act, the Internal Revenue Service’s litigation against a taxpayer over tax deductions for golf expenses, patent and trade mark disputes, and more. In addition, each chapter identifies the subject matter and the official citation to the case in the chapter heading.

Violating “the law” of golf – as opposed to the rules that govern the game – can have serious consequences. You don’t have to be a lawyer to enjoy this book, which combines two great passions: law and golf.


Street Legal: A Guide to Pre-trial Criminal Procedure for Police, Prosecutors, and Defenders By Ken Wallentine

This 396-page book provides specific guidance on pre-trial criminal procedure of all sorts, and explains in understandable terms “what you can do and what you can’t do” under 4th Amendment search and seizure law. From traffic checkpoints and forceful felony arrest, from Miranda warnings to inmate and cell searches, it’s all covered in this concise reference. In addition, numerous charts and guides are included throughout the book to make this as practical a guide as possible.

The consequences of a failure to properly understand and implement search and seizure can be too tragic to imagine. Make sure everyone involved with pre-trial criminal procedure in your organization is equipped with this thorough and understandable guide.

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