AALL Washington E-Bulletin

Volume 2009, Issue 4 April 30, 2009
Published by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Government Relations Office
Through its Washington E-Bulletin, the AALL Government Relations Office keeps the AALL membership abreast of governmnt policy news important to law libraries and law law librarians.

True to form, the April 2009 issue includes summaries of key policy issues the Office is covering. Topics include: Updates from the Hill, Outside the Beltway Chapter News, and Further Readings for the Information Policy Junkie. More specifically, efforts to urge President Obama to strike a balance in his positions on intellectual property issues and efforts to urge the National Archives and Records to maintain public access to Presidential documents are discussed in some detail.

Regardless of whether you are an AALL member we urge you to examine this issue of the Bulletin, especially if you are an “information policy junkie.”

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