2008 Annual Report: Committee on Libraries and Education Technology, New York State Assembly

The following is from the Introduction to the 2008 Annual Report: Committee on Libraries and Education Technology, New York State Assembly.* A link to the entire Report follows.

I. COMMITTEE JURISDICTION The Libraries and Education Technology Committee was created in 1997 under the leadership of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. The Committee has jurisdiction over legislation introduced concerning the many issues affecting public, academic, school and private libraries.

The Committee develops and reviews legislation affecting the administration and funding of libraries and library systems across New York State. As today’s explosion in information technology has placed new demands on libraries, we are mindful of our responsibility to ensure that New York’s libraries will be able to meet the challenges of the information age. The work done by the Committee assists libraries to sustain the infrastructure and staff resources necessary to allow all New Yorkers access to technological advances available through New York’s vast library community.

Libraries are integral to the educational and cultural development of all New Yorkers. Through a wealth of electronic and print media, New York’s libraries provide individuals and communities with exposure to information that broadens their intellectual, social and cultural experiences. New York State has over 7,000 libraries that serve our citizens in many capacities. Many of these libraries are among the largest and the best in the country. Of the forty largest libraries in the United States, six are located in New York, more than in any other State. New York’s largest library, the New York Public Library, contains over ten million volumes and is among the top research institutions in the world. Among New York’s most cherished resources, our lbraries provide support for all those in search of information, knowledge, enlightenment or inspiration, whether they are students, teachers, researchers, academicians, authors, readers, job seekers, entrepreneurs or consumers.

As libraries are called upon to play an expanding role in educating New Yorkers, it is imperative that our libraries receive the attention and support they require to answer the call as we move forward in the 21st century.

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____________________________________ *Many thanks to Errol Adams, Senior Law Librarian, New York City Civil Court, for bringing this publication to our attention.

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