2007 End of Year Report on the Federal Judiciary

The following is an excerpt followed by a link to the actual document:

“…Americans should take enormous pride in our judicial system. But there is no cause for complacency. Our judicial system inspires the world because of the commitment of each new generation of judges who build upon the vision and accomplishments of those who came before. I am committed to continuing three of my predecessor’s important but unfinished initiatives to maintain the quality of our courts.

First, I will carry on the efforts to improve communications with the Executive and Legislative Branches of government. The Constitution’s provision for three separate but coordinate Branches envisions that the Branches will communicate through appropriate means on administrative matters of common concern. Each has a valuable perspective on the other. The Branches already engage in constructive dialogue through a number of familiar forums, including the Judicial Conference, congressional hearings, and advisory committee meetings. But the familiar avenues are not necessarily the only ones…”

Full Report: 2007 End of Year Report of the Federal Judiciary

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